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Durgapur Government College has introduced a programme called “Know Your Campus” as an initiative to make the students of the college aware of the natural resources enriching the college campus and preserve them. The campus is about 30 acres with good assemblage of flora and fauna. A committee with faculty members and three students from each department are actively involved in the programme to reach the goal of inducting 100% members of the college.

Following is the brief report of the activities under the programme:

ü  Preparation of map of the college campus and the buildings by students is in progress

ü Naming and numbering of the plants present in the campus by students under the guidance of committee members. Approximately 50 types of trees, 16 types of shrubs and more than 40 types of herbs have already been identified. Some of these flora have medicinal value

ü The twinning shrub, Hemidesmus indicus, a member of Asclepiadaceae, commonly known as Anantamul, grows as weeds in the college campus. Efforts have already been taken to preserve these weeds since these have immense medicinal value. Roots of this shrub are used as substitute of sarsaparilla as tonic, diuretic, diaphoretic, disinclination for food, fever, skin diseases, as blood purifier, in liquor, syphilis, rheumatism and scorpion sting, snake bite.

ü Maintaining the Medicinal plant garden along with Department of Botany.

ü Nature of the campus retains science of the jungle that the entire Durgapur region once was. The college campus is the habitat of diverse fauna. About 88 types of birds visit this place around the year. College ensures that snakes found in the college campus are not killed but taken away by the snake expert, Debasish Mazumdar and released in the wild. Jackals are found in the fore lone areas of the college campus after sundown.


The first initiative of the Know Your Campus program was a day long seminar-cum-workshop on Bird Survey and Wildlife Photography organised on 15.02.2017 in joint collaboration with Departments of Botany, Zoology and Conservation Biology. The seminar cum workshop was funded by the IQAC of Durgapur Government College. One of the major areas of focus of the programme was to make students familiar with the avian visitors of the college campus.


The first speaker of the seminar Mr Sagar Adhurya, Research Scholar, Visva-Bharati University and also an ex-student of this college delivered a lecture on bird survey as a part of “Global Backyard Count” which was observed globally from 17.02.2017 to 20.02.2017. Students and faculty members of this college (members of Know Your Campus team) gave a serious recognization to the movement as first representatives from the district of Burdwan on 17.02.2017. They observed 49 types of bird species in the college campus and nearby areas.


Mr Sagar Adhurya, Research Scholar, Visva-Bharati University delivering lecture on Bird Survey in the seminar cum workshop organized under know your campus programme


 Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology on Wildlife Documentation through Photography”. The major focus was to sensitize the students of non-bioscience departments that loving nature is not only a responsibility of bioscience students but anyone can be a part of it. It is also one of the prime objectives of the college. He also guided the audience how to shoot better photographs and informing them about the basic know-how of “nature photography”This included equipment as well as camera settings like aperture, ISO and shutter speed with fascinating examples.


               KNOW YOUR CAMPUS team of Durgapur Government College



Snake in the college campus; Snake expert with a snake which was released in the wild




“Bird Watching” by students in the college campus

“Come forth, and bring with you a heart

That watches and receives”: William Wordsworth